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Barbecue buffet on the port bow sir!

This is definitely one of the more awesome venues we’ve worked at!  A large and very glassy houseboat on the Thames at Cadogan Pier.  We have been there a couple of times in the last week for different events.  The first was a barbecue for 25 people.  The evening started with Pimm’s, rosé, and our home made pink lemonade out on deck…


We barbecued a marinated butterflied leg of lamb, some home made burgers, some halloumi, and accompanied it all with delicious big salads.

IMG_8868   FullSizeRender

Pudding was a lovely Amalfi lemon, polenta and almond cake.


We returned for a smaller dinner including canapés at the weekend, and following the success of the barbecue earlier, we did another one!  This time it was Aberdeen Angus steaks and lamb kofta along with salads and nice lemon tart for pudding.

It’s been lovely working on the river, especially as we also live on a boat a bit further upstream.  With any luck we will be asked again and can turn up to work without our feet touching land!