A slightly more formal wedding reception

This was a slightly more formal occasion at Brompton Oratory last month.  It was a plated lunch for 90 with lovely linen and tableware, and lovely old fashioned champagne saucers.

Immediately following the service was a champagne reception with canapes:

Beef fillet carpaccio on crostini with truffle oil and Parmesan
Char grilled courgette ribbons with ricotta and sun dried tomato
Chilli spiced crab with avocado and lemon in crispy cups
Asparagus and quail’s egg tartlet


The lunch was:

Salmon mousse wrapped in smoked salmon with fresh bread and butter.

Rack of lamb with juniper and claret jus, dauphinoise potatoes, French beans, and crushed pea and mint purée.

Panna cotta with caramelised oranges and shortbread fingers.

Stilton, Cheddar, Caerphilly, and Tunworth, served with water bioscuits, grapes, and sliced figs.


This was accompanied by fine wines and attentive service, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


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