Meat school

Giving up meat and alcohol for Lent suddenly becomes tremendously regrettable when one receives an invitation to the stall of a British charcuterie specialist in Borough Market.

Fortunately, if we’re going to be strict about this, the Sundays don’t count, and even though the event in question was on a Monday, it was decided that a day would be taken in lieu, and the Lenten abstinence carried forward to the following Sunday.

I hope what I am about to describe will justify this equivocation.


Cannon & Cannon’s ‘Meat school’ at their place in Borough Market is a new enterprise by which you or I can learn how to turn a pig into all the bits of a pig which we know and love.  This is exactly the sort of thing we at Simpkin & Roses applaud and encourage.  Anything that helps people understand where their food comes from has to be a good thing, particularly where animals are involved.

Our visit involved the result, rather than the act, of the butchery.  We were treated to a selection of British charcuterie, with accompanying fine wines, and little introductory talks.

Interestingly, there is no reason for the Britons not to have delicious cured meats, rather the necessity was never there on account of our temperate climate.  Our Scandinavian and Mediterranean cousins all needed to preserve their meat for the winter, whereas we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy fresh meat all year round.


Recently some enterprising chaps have been using the traditional pork breeds of the UK (and other meat too) in traditional curing processes, and the results are spectacular.  The first offering was Coppa, from the collar of the pig.  I had only recently been introduced to Coppa and it quickly became a favourite, but this was my first try of the English variety.  It was wonderful.

Others followed, and they too were wonderful.  Cannon & Cannon‘s stock includes some more daring forays into the world of cured meats; the use of exotic spices adds a whole dimension to what is already an arena of intense flavours.

We plan to incorporate some of Cannon & Cannon‘s finest British charcuterie into our future menus.

Please get in touch if you a planning an event of any kind, even just a little drinks party at home, and we look forward to helping you make it a night to remember.


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